Music Composer Sean Christopher McGee also known as =ThunderHeart=, is a powerful voice in the new generation of music. His shimmering timbres are majestic and soothing.When I listen to his music, I am transported to a peaceful place beyond space and time.”

— Barbara Jordon-Film and TV Music Supervisor

His music has a very cinematic and visual quality”

Kathy Parsons (


"111 Memory Lane" is the last song in a series for 2021. Released and available on Spotify, Amazon Music to name a few. You can also get it on the Music page


NEW Release: "Bid Time Return"


=ThunderHearts= next release of "Between Heaven and Earth" is now available on Spotify, Amazon music to name a few or you can click on the music store page to purchase directly!

"Put your headphones on...... sit down.....relax.... close your eyes, as you listen to the music..... feel the sounds it conveys. Music was given from the highest authority... it is a message.  music is the language of the universe! As you are listening to the music, even though there are no words spoken or sung... your mind will translate this message...this message from God."


=Thunderhearts=  release of "Call of The Dragon" is out now. Click on the cover below to bring you to available platforms.

The next release is out "The Dragons Lair"



"Sinbad and The Seven Seas" has now been released The 4th release by =Thunderheart=! Click on the single cover for  a variety of links like Spotify, Pandora etc or click for the Music Store

"=ThunderHeart= "Growing up, I was fascinated with the adventures of Sinbad and the Seven seas. I would read the book over and over....If I could name one of my past lives, I could swear it involved Ships with sails and sharp edged blades of steal!"

"I composed this song in dedication to those stories!"



"Journey Afar" has been released! click on the picture for the available links to listen! Or check the Music page.


ThunderHearts New Single "Into The Storm" is OUT!


=ThunderHeart= "Into The Storm" Is about taking that step into the unknown. Defeating the fear that comes with it. Sometimes you survive without any notice other than knowing the fear was all created for nothing. If something does occur, there are always lessons to learn from it to empower you the next time you face the storm.

Many years ago, when I was a crazy storm chaser driving from LA to The state of Texas, to meet up with the storm chase group, I came across a hard decision. I was in the middle of no where, No city or town for miles in both directions. It was my first time ever driving to Texas. I was on Hwy 10 and passed a fairly large storm that was growing with intensity, Some of the road areas I had passed were flooded so no turning back....I heard on the radio more weather reports of even larger storm cells in my direction. I was too afraid to find another route, back then I only had a thomas guide and road map....50 miles later, I could see what the weather radio was saying. Again, not another town or city for another 40 miles, but the storm was heading towards me....I was in a head on collision with a storm I was not experienced at. There was excitement though. I figured as long as I was on higher ground, I would be ok from flash flooding. I stopped the car and got out to look at this massive thing! I say massive because it was a super cell of yellow and green! and an anvil the size of Nevada!

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